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what is adat perpatih?

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Last night, I had a chance to watch the unique ritual of adat perpatih which I'm not very familiar with at TV9; berkedim.

Berkedim or in dialect Negeri Sembilan called 'kodim' is a apacara in which a bride or a person is accepted to be a member of a tribe in the community of Adat Perpatih. *Please do correct me if I'm wrong*

A person can become a member of a quarter for two reasons:

Outsiders who are not from the community of Adat Perpatih but want to be a member of a tribe on the grounds of marriage.
Someone from community of Adat Perpatih want to change the tribe to another tribe for reasons to be married to someone in the tribe or for the benefit of estate.

Berkedim has three standards which are:

Kedim customs and inheritance (to allow the estate inherited or purchased property in the quarter participated)
Kedim customs of the board (for the purpose of relationship)
Kedim Pull (usually for an adopted child who brought by her foster mother joined quarter).

Kedim status will be determined by the heads of customs cooperation in the quarter.

Berkedim ceremony began with Buapak and Dato' Lembaga declared the children of Perut and the present quarter. This was followed by dipping a finger in the blood and rice paste. Dipping a finger in the blood is all involved in the ceremony that inserting a finger into the pot with blood. The blood used was blood of goats, cattle or buffalo slaughtered before the ceremony begins. When process of dipping a finger in the blood, those involved will swear loyal and related to the tribe participated. The ceremony ended with prayers.

Image courtesy : Uncle G

But from what I watched last night, they use a food coloring for dipping a finger in the blood. Maybe they change it or something, that is something that I don't really know about.

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P/S : Malaysians are rich in tradition :D


orang muo said...

istri saya org bahau ns... adat pepatih unik n menarik

mS.eiRa MZ said...

interesting info babe, sometimes it such a boring part to know different people tradition but actually that's what we call as 1 Malaysia isn't it..? mana la taw nnt dpt kawen kena2 adat cmtu, xda la kekok sgt kn..hehe! ( berangan lak :p )

farrah hayati said...

hahakx...3batu itu suku sy...;)

tapi smalam 1st tyme jugak tgk adat bkedim tu...heeeeee....unik rite? adat kahwin kami pown unik juga kalo ikot adat ppatih btol2 la..stil ag mplajari adat sndiri ;)

Dato' Dr. Nurul 'Afifah :) said...

sy dah nak dekat 10 taun duk n9, tapi first time dengar istilah 'kedim' and pasal dipping finger dalam blood tu. thanks for the info. :)

Anonymous said...

orang muo - ya sememangnya unik dan menarik. :)

eira - actually, its not really boring, babe.. its a part of people's life. hehe insyaallah kalau ada jodoh, dptlah kawen ngan org yg amalkan adat mcm ni kan.. hihi :p

farrah - owh suku awk ke? hehe menarik pula dgr kat malaysia ni ada suku2 kan.. suka dengar psal tradition ni.. apa2 pun, keep it up ye.. :)

nurul - owh yeke?? hehe ni dah tau kan skrg ni? ur welcome, dear.. :D