Wednesday, December 21, 2011

kucing demam?

Oh hi there. Assalamualaikum~ 

How are you today? Hope everything was good.

For the first time in my life, I've encounter a cat that having a fever. Back then, when we take care of cat, I've only heard that cat having a sickness but never heard them having a fever. I thought only us (human being) that have fever. My cats were slightly weak and no appetite these few days. I was so worried that they having some kind of weird disease that makes them frail.

My sister think of getting some injections and treatment for them at the nearest veterinary. I hope our cat will be healthy soon. If only I knew what to do other than giving them a glucose drink, it would be nice.

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chegu abbas said...

alo cian nya.....

Kotak Mancis said...

alololooo... ade ka kucing demam??? ermmm

Anonymous said...

chegu abbas - cian kan.. uhuhu

kotak mancis - ada la... kucing sy demam ni.. :( tak caye cuba tny uncle google.

Nong Andy said...

Sungguh si kucing yang comel.. meh sini haku cium kau smpai ko sembuh :)