Friday, December 23, 2011

OMG I hate carrot!

Hi there. Assalamualaikum~

Oh, here we are again. In the same site, the same person typing the entries, but with different mood. I'm in the mood of eating, actually. But annoyed with some horrible orange carrots in my food. Urgh! How much I hate carrots, for no reason at all. Weirdo. But I do eat the white carrot, yuck for the orange carrot. I dislike the color, and the taste.

I know this orange carrots do have many advantages but I'd prefer the white carrots for it taste and color.

They said that the orange carrots do have one thing that the white carrots doesn't have, beta carotene that is good for the skin and our eyes. No wonder my eyes can't look clearly, I am the person who can't see from afar. Pity me.

These carrots has some variety in colors. There are white, orange, yellow, purple, maroon and black. Maybe there are several colors that I didn't know.The black one? You can try ask uncle Google. I've found it just now.

There are also several events that celebrate these carrots, which I, myself doesn't get it why they celebrate it. You can see it HERE.

Okay folks, thats all that I want to share today.

Till the next entry. Have a nice day, readers!

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mS.eiRa MZ said...

babe!! kna mkn jgk orange carrot!! :p

Anonymous said...

I never like carrot. but once i tried the carrot juice, it really taste yummy. really. you should try it.

Cinta Misteri said...



Anonymous said...

@eira - maybe some other time, babe. :)

@fatynadia - I will, someday.. n_n

@Cinta Misteri - oh hey, i LOVE corn.. :D

Anonymous said...

nak cantik kena makan carrot.. hahahaha.. sedap bha..

Rawlins Ichigo Takashi Lutz said...

I suka je makan carrot
Tapi still pakai glasses...heheheh
Diet Senang

LydSunshine said...

Awk, saya nak banje awk carrot sekilo. Kekeke. Ada satu lagi warna carrot. Warna hijau.

Zurina J. said...

Punya sedap ni carrot.. Knp kau tidak suka owh..:P

Azekzk said...

You should try carrot juice.

Anonymous said...

@Cik Jingga - kalau xcantik pun xpa la.. huhu

@Rawlins Ichigo Takashi Lutz - yaka?? huhu ala cian dia..

@LydSunshine - xnak!!! huhu

@Zurina J. sedap ka juga?? huhu oh tidak!!

bella YOYO said...

i love carrot since before Louis Tomlinson love the girl who loves carrot. LOL

Anonymous said...

who's Louis Tomlinson? huhu I didn't knew him.. lalala :P