Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eggs, anyone?


Oh hi! Hello guys. We meet again. 

I love reading as much as I love writing and texting and playing games and watching movies and chit-chatting (berapa banyak and lah?). Ok, while I was reading this evening, I found some interesting facts about eggs. Though I don't like eating egg yolk, but I'd like to share some of the benefits to all of you. *eh2, blog aku dah jadi blog kesihatan lah pula*

5 important benefits of eggs:

Excellent quality of protein - one egg is equivalent to ⅓ - ½ of a serving of protein.

Low in calories - one egg has 70-80 kcal; that less than 4% of the recommended daily calorie intake.

Low in fat - several studies have shown that having eggs for breakfast can help overweight adults lose weight as they are less likely to snack before the next main meal.

Cholesterol - scientists say there is no difference in between those who eat an egg a week and those who eat more than one egg a day. Generally, an egg a day is safe - and there's no cholesterol in egg white.

Rich in choline - the lecithin in the yolk of a large egg provides 251 mg (more than half of a woman's daily requirement) of choline, which is essential for brain development of unborn babies.

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P/s : Saya tetap tak suka makan kuning telur, anda bagaimana? 


DOMU-KON said...

suka kuning telur tapi hanya untuk telur masin sahaja

Anonymous said...

owh yeah? same with me lor... :D

ecadwinkyasha said...

my besties suka makan telur rebus,tpi part telur kuning,tolak dekat eca!!.hoho

fRaMe+LenSeS said...

awat tak makan kuning telur? :P

Anonymous said...

eca - sy pon selalu bg kuning telur rebus kt kawan sy. hihi

frame+lenses= - sebab... tak suka lah.. hoho :p

mS.eiRa MZ said...

sedaap laah kuning telur!! >.<

Anonymous said...

mcmna nak buat supaya jd suka makan kuning telur ea, babe? hoho apa boleh buat lah. me xsuka juga.. :p

mS.eiRa MZ said...

mesti try jgk! :p

Anonymous said...

xnak2!! :p