Tuesday, December 6, 2011

social media?

Hello, dear readers.

Ehem.. Assalamualaikum

When being asked, 'Do you have Facebook?', many of you will answer 'YES', instead of answering 'NO' because it was the most popular social networks in this entire world. Most of people in this world using Facebook as a medium of communication to all people around the world.

'How about you? Do you have Facebook or other social networks?'

Facebook? I don't have one. Either Twitter or Formspring or Myspace or other social networks that existed in this world, I really don't have one except Blogger. And to be honest, I have one once upon a time. For me, it is more than enough having this blog because I don't have so much time to spend looking at other social media other than this blog. Why do I delete all of these social networks? Because I'm tired, I want to focus this on my studies and then other important things.

'What do you feel when you don't have any other social media than your blog?'

My feelings? *erk apa kaitan?* Actually I'm a bit jealous of those people that having social media other than blog. I'm thinking of having one but I'm afraid I'll lose my attention to my studies and other important things than these social media. (ee poyo lah budak ni)

So, what do you think? Should I create account on any social networks?

Hmm I don't think so.

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che sakinah said...

honestly, dont! hehehe
If you think you gonna be addicted to it.. better dont have one. just stay blogging :)) hehehe

I'm facebook addict. and Its really not good.

Sufina said...

hey, can i just drop my comment here? Your blog and the contents are great. followed you! and i'm seriously your real followers. i just loveeee your entries :)

The Real Nurna Azrin (^_^)v said...

i'm fb addicted

ajim said...

hey you :)
im also fb addicted :D hehe

Anonymous said...

che sakinah - thanks for your comments. yeah, I really shouldn't have one, kan?

Sufina - thanks for reading & be my follower dear friend. :) pleasure to meet you.. n_n

nurna & ajim - oh yeah? don't be too addicted, ok? :)

Dinar Pulau Mutiara said...

singgah petang

♥ arlen said...

I kinda love other social network e.g Twitter & Tumblr,but I just despise FB.I say goodbye to my FB already.(:

Anonymous said...

dinar - sila2.. :D
arlen - oh yeah! hehe

mS.eiRa MZ said...

social network is just wasting time if u too bz and focusing on it only, coz u will never realize that u'he forgotten the important think to be done 1st..huhu..I've experienced it babe! and I'm agree if u says u satisfy in blogging activity only.. >.<

Anonymous said...

owh ok.. that's a good reason for not create any new acc at any other social network, girl. same with me, I've experienced the same thing, babe. sedangkan masa nak close acc kat twitter, tumblr n formspring tu pun rasa mcm berat sangat. huhu how i miss mumbling & babbling at twitter.. :(