Saturday, November 19, 2011

a thousand words : behind the scenes

Hi guys. Assalamualaikum

I'm updating my post one after another just because I just have my free time and I've just got some idea in my mind. Anyway, I still not settled my assignments yet because the practical is still ongoing. OK enough with that. emoticon

Actually there's some story behind my blog. Where I've got the name, the url and others. Where should I start? Hmm..

OK let's start with 'where I've got the name for my blog?' and 'where did I got the idea for this blog's url?'. Actually, the name is based on one of the soundtrack of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. It was my current favorite song at the moment (don't know when will I get bored by that song):45:

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

Click HERE for the official music video.

At first, I named my blog with the name 'A Thousand Years' but I keep thinking that if I named it by that name, this blog should 'live' for a thousand years by the age of thousand years. And then I keep thinking of the new name that I should named this blog and turned out that I've found the suitable name for this blog; A Thousand Words.

The url supposed to be but my eyes don't like the double dash so I change the url to the url that I have now. Same with the name of the blog, why should I named this blog with 'A Thousand Years' if it still new, right?

So the next one is 'why I chose purple color instead of my favorite color?'
Fyi, the reason I'm using purple color as my basic blog color is because the color looks lovely and it's cute.

I like to do some html experiment to my blog just to see its nice or not. If it is good, I'll continue using it. Sometimes I'm thinking of doing some tutorial in my blog, but I'm kinda lazy to do it. Who would read my blog, anyway? I'm just writing this blog to release my boredom and haven't thinking of telling it to everyone.

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mS.eiRa MZ said...

nice idea to get ur blog's name babe :)

Anonymous said...

hehe :p dah kehabisan idea kan, tu yg boleh terfikir guna tajuk lagu pula tu tp while wondering if its suitable or not, i change it a bit.. :D