Monday, November 28, 2011

do you really understand?

Hi assalamualaikum, dear readers.

How are you today? It's been a long time since I wrote my own post. Been so busy a few days back, so now that I back to track. Miss me? No? It's okay. 

My friend once said to me that if I'm writing in English, there is no Malaysians will ever stop in my blog and read it all. They would rather read blogs that are written in Malay only, or blogs that written in bahasa rojak. Is it true, dear readers? Are you going to boycott those who write in English? Does Malaysians really have a narrow-minded?

She said that I should really have to stop writing in English, or else I wouldn't have any followers nor readers at all. Oh well, I really don't need a follower that is not sincere to read my posts.

There were people who wants to learn English but there's none of them who try to speak in English nor write in English. Pathetic, isn't it?

Oh wait, does all of you who read my blog really understand what I meant?

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mS.eiRa MZ said...

some will say "temberang lah ckap ala2 mat saleh" but some will have a good impression where they just say "It's good for u to learn more than 1 language" ...if u ask me, WHY NOT! :)

Anonymous said...

hey, long time no see. :D

yeah, that's true dear. most of them always says like that but in the end, they are the one who didn't know how to speak/write better in English. When we speak/write in English, in the same time, we can improve our English. Good writing indicates better improvement. :)

r-5 said...

Salam, pal.. i'm really interested on blogs those are using English as a medium of communication.. Though my english isn't ample good but seriously it encourages me to write my blogs in English.. Nice blog dear! i will always support u cik muda! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wsalam dear r-5.. It's okay. Sooner or later, your English will be better. :)
By the way, thanks for your support. n_n