Monday, November 21, 2011

my obsession ★

Hi there~ Assalamualaikum. 

Hello~ We meet again. By looking at the title above, can you guess what is my obsession?

...and now by looking at the picture below, can you guess it?

Subhanallah~ Beautiful, isn't it? So, do u know what is my obsession now? That road? No... The lake? Absolutely not.. The stars? Yes, you are right. Saya memang minat tentang angkasa lepas ni sejak kecik lagi *tipu je* 

My obsession towards stars starts when I'm in Form 3, I guess. Kalau dulu saya minat tengok bulan sebab cahayanya, but then I realise that the stars is more cute than the moon. Bila balik kampung, first thing I want to see is the night sky. FYI, selalunya kami balik kampung pada waktu malam.That's why the sky is the first thing that i want to see because of the stars..

For me, by looking at the stars can brighten my days even if the stars is in the wallpaper in my lappy. Its so beautiful, until I feel that I am very small in the eyes of the Creator. The night sky is so calming, and sometimes my sadness is vanish by it. I once think to be an astronout one day, but my sight is not clear anymore. I have blurry view and if I didn't wear any spectacle or contact lens, I can't see from afar. Rabun jauh lah katakan.. Huhu macam nak buta pun ada gak sebab mesti bergantung mostly using my glasses. *ok this is out of topic*

Bintang tu, kalau tengok dari jauh memanglah kita nampak kecik sangat, tapi ada antara kita yang tak tahu bahawa bintang tu sangat lah besar dan panas dan mostly consist of hydrogen tapi ada gak di antara kita yang nak pergi petik bintang-bintang tu. Tak ke gila namanya tu? 

I know nothing much about the stars, but one thing I surely know is the star in my heart.

OK.. That's all I want to share to you for now. I'll update my blog with more interesting and readable updates. See you in the next entries, guys!

cikmuda []

P/s - He is my biggest obsession emoticon

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