Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

Oh hi there. Assalamualaikum~

So, yesterday was 2011 and today is 2012. Still the same writer but different year. I'll be more childish matured than before. Wishing all of the readers a Happy New Year, may this year bring luck & happiness, more glorious than last year.

A new year, a new wish, everyone has their own vision and mission to be accomplished. As for me, I've got my own too. I'm going to graduate this year and I'm already thinking of working. What should I do after this? I'm thinking on furthering my studies but I don't know where to. Working need a lot of thinking and I'm going to think much this year.

Before the middle of July, I'm going to find a job or think where to study, fill in work form and study form. Okay, I should relax by now.

I'll think about it later.*serabut kepala*

Anyway, have a wonderful year everyone!

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azila abdullah said...

happy new year :)

Kharisma Al Fath said...

years have changed ...
I wish success always be with you ...
thank you for visiting
I wish we could be friends, good friends and brothers in the world and in the afterlife
amen ....

Anonymous said...

@azila abdullah - happy new year too, dear. :)

@Kharisma Al Fath - insya-Allah.. thanks for visiting too.. n_n