Tuesday, January 31, 2012



Sometimes, I wish I was Nobita and Doraemon is my friend.

With that, I can borrow 'pintu suka hati' or go inside my study table to return to my past to warn myself or go to my future to see how my future is.

or I wish I can see the future through my eyes like Raven in 'That's so Raven' TV show.

Raven sees the future through her eyes.

P/s - Time flew so fast, my dear. 


aNereO UsitHe said...

naj dtg singgah pagi n tag


aNereO UsitHe said...

YEss dear..may i help you ??

cikmuda said...

aNereO UsitHe, do you really read it?? the post that I attached in my comment at your post?