Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hi For The Last Time

Assalamualaikum y'all and greetings too :)

So, this will be the last post for my blog. I'll be making another new blog, so I say bye bye to my current blog, and also my current followers and readers.

As the time goes by, saya dapati diri saya mengalami perubahan. Yeah I'm getting matured and can think the good and bad things. All of these including my current situation. I love how I talk about things to my sisters and brothers. They all are likely love to entertain me when I'm sad.

I might be making a new blog that will be hundred percent about myself and my surroundings, not to be forgotten all of my pets here at home. The things that happens mematangkan diri saya dan sejurus itu (wow ayat) membuatkan saya mengambil keputusan untuk menamatkan hidup blog ini.

Guys, you're so amazing for reading my blog. I really appreciate it. This blog will stay open to those yang rajin membaca. Kebosanan you all akan terpancar ketika membaca blog ini. I'm sorry for writing so horribly boring and making all of you wanna puke (oh yeah you are, please don't deny it HAHA) in my blog.

Some people do make other people changes. You sure are but you don't really realized about it. The thing is I make people changes too, yeah like my exes. Some of them (oh macam ramai sangat kan) change to the better but some of them are not. I don't really speak to stranger but here in blog, I even make friend with them. So terharu :')

Before I forgot, for those yang celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas. For all of you, happy holiday and a happy new year 2013. Live a good life and have a wonderful day everyday. :)

Okay now let me get out of here. On 25th December 2012 at 02:16 am, here lies my blog; 'A Thousand Words'. :')

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