Wednesday, October 31, 2012

yeay, new template :)

Assalamualaikum and greetings everybodyy~

hi there. i've changed my blog template few days ago but didn't manage to taking care of it because i'm too busy taking care of my life. haha lame excuse. anyway, i only have a few days away from some big exam i'm going through. wish me luck.

so how's life? i hope all of you are okay and having a better days. for those who are having some bad days, a better days will come ahead. no worries. actually i don't have much time to update this blog. i must take care of my beauty, haha i'm going to get extra sleep shortly. i've been very extremely busy studying, i think my brain is going to burst. *joke

i'm not going to take much time, i hope you guys having a wonderful days ahead. tomorrow is the starting of november, we meet again November. and soon it will be 2013. time sure flew faster than we thought. 

okay that's all i guess. adios~

" if you're brave enough to say 'good bye', life will reward you with a new 'hello' "
- paulo choelo

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~ Cik LuLu ~ said...

hepy november ^^

cikmuda said...

yeay happy november and have a nice day, cik lulu :)

mS.eiRa MZ said...

Hye dear..long time no news and tq for dropping even for awhile on my messy blog..hee..wish u all the best on ur exam dear, happy November! hope the October won't leave u just like that coz there will be a good news for u in November..insha Allah.. :)

cikmuda said...

it's okay. saya suka singgah dkt ur blog. best apa, siap ada lagu lagi dlm blog. oh ya, thanks sebab sudi singgah lagi kat sini and thanks for the wish. i hope i can do well. hee i'm pleased to meet u girl. yeay insya-Allah :)

~ Cik LuLu ~ said...

tqvm.. kmu jugak Y(^___^)