Friday, May 4, 2012

Hello hello goes to mellow

Hi all. It's been so long since my last updates. Been so very busy these few months. So, I'm taking a bit of my time to update here. These few weeks, I've been very stress. Completing the assignments, studying for the tests and quizzes, unexpected questions from our lecturers and little assignments to be submitted in a day or two every weeks.

From every 3 lectures we have studied, we have given a test to test whether we understand the topics or not. The marks we have gain is to be collected for carry marks. Next week, I have 3 test in a row. I'm going to strive hard for every test, because the question for our exam will be 90% same with test. That's a good thing about our test. hiks

Anyway, Happy May everyone. Have a pleasant days~! Err.. That's all I guess.. See you guys next time. Chiao!

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